I want to be more like my 3 year old

One of the greatest joys as a parent is watching my children interact with the world around them. My 3 year old has such an enthusiasm for life that it is contagious. She gets excited about going to the store. She gets excited about trips to the park. She gets excited about going out to eat at a restaurant. 

 But what she loves the most is other people. 

When we are at the store she she always talks to the cashier and other people along the way. When she plays at the park the other kids are already friends before she even meets them. When we are out to eat she often makes the waitress laugh and smile. 

Oh how different this is from the way I’ve come to interact with the world around me. If I go out by myself I’ll be polite but I won’t make an effort to speak with anyone. Making friends is intimidating and scary to me. I’ve been hurt before. I know not everyone out there is kind hearted. I’ve let what others have done or could potentially  do change the way I act. 

I want to be more like Leah. I want to remember that the people around me are the most important part of the errands I run. I want to not let the bad in the world make me “grumpy” as she would say. I want to show others God’s love the way my 3 year old does already without even trying. 


At 6 AM

My kid woke up at 6 am. I begrudgingly got up to take care of her. After a diaper change and drinking most of her bottle she fell asleep. 

At only 2 months old this baby already happily sleeps on her own in her bassinet. The moments I’ve sat with this one sleeping on my chest have been far less than with her sister. Back then everyone told me to enjoy it. That it would go so fast. Easy for them to say I thought. They’re not the ones up in the middle of the night or early in the morning. 

But they were right. Of course they were right. 

I look at my 3 year old and wonder how on earth we got to this point. When did she stop sleeping on my chest and making sweet baby noises? When did her babbles turn into full sentences? When did she become too big for me to carry around all the time?

In the thick of it things seemed to last forever. Like the phase where she threw everything on the floor constantly. Or the one where she wouldn’t say in bed. But from this perspective it seems to have all just been the blink of an eye. 

I should have listened to all those well meaning moms and grandmas who told me I would feel this way.

So I’m going to hold this baby before her sister wakes up. Even though 6 am is earlier than I’d like to be awake. I’m going to study her little features. I’m going to touch her soft fuzzy head. I’m going to listen to her little baby noises. And I’m going to remember that this doesn’t last forever. 

Alex– 2 months

My little girl is two months old! At the doctor she was 21 inches and 11 lbs. 

I know every parents thinks this, but she really is the best baby. She pretty much only cries when she’s hungry or sleepy. 

She barely wants to be rocked anymore. She wants to be swaddled and put in her bassinet with her paci and she’ll fall asleep on her own. I know this is basically every parent’s dream but I am a little sad that she already doesn’t want to snuggle as much.  

Her schedule during the day is still pretty inconsistent. I’m letting her eat when she’s hungry, and sleep when she’s sleepy and I change her somewhere in between there. At night though she is pretty consistently going to bed at 7:30 and waking up for a quick feed and change at 2:30 and then going back to sleep and sleeping til 6:30. 

When she’s not eating or sleeping she LOVES playing on her kick n play. She particularly likes talking to herself in the mirror that hangs down. Her coos are still pretty sweet and quiet. She smiles and is content and is patient with big sister being her face constantly. 

All in all she’s just a really laid back and sweet baby and we all love her to pieces. 

Well, I’m back

Things have changed juuuuust a little since I last blogged. 

Leah is now 3 years old. She’s beautiful, funny, sassy, and has so much enthusiasm about the world 

And we added a new member to our family in July. This is Alexandra (Alex) Jane. She is such a calm, happy little girl and we already love her to pieces 

I’m still married to this guy (we celebrated 5 years in  June):

And I’m still running my Etsy shop 

I have no idea what you can expect from here on out. All I know is I need a place to write whether it be documenting my life, giving advice, or just things that are on my heart and mind. 

9 Month Update



This was quite a remarkable month for Ms Leah. Lots of fun changes are going on right now. First of all, she is no longer toothless. She has her front bottom teeth in and there is one on the font top that is also poking through a bit. I am amazed and how quickly her teeth have grown already. You can see them occasionally when she smiles, but I don’t have any photographic evidence quite yet.


As you can see from her photos she also got her first haircut this month. She did such a great job and just grinned the whole time. That is another thing, she smiles at everyone everywhere we go. We make friends no matter where we go because she is so friendly and smiley with people.


She started giving out sweet sloppy kisses this month as well. She will give them to you when you ask if she is in the right mood. She also just learned to wave. She will sometimes wave back to you, but she also enjoys waving to River as well as inanimate objects.


She also learned how to sit back up on her own this month. She could sit up once I put her there, but now she will crawl around and be able to get back to sitting on her own. She also has begun to pull up on things. She isn’t quite to the “cruising” stage, but I have a feeling she will be by next month.  I just started her on puffs this month and she has quickly learned how to grab them the right way to get them in her mouth. But that doesn’t stop her from dropping them and playing with them and of course sharing them with River.


She is still such a goofball and has been squealing and giggling and making faces almost constantly lately. I can’t believe we only have 3 official months of babyhood left with this one. I welcome each stage but it is always a little bittersweet seeing her grow up so so fast. Can’t she just stay little forever?

8 month update


Well I think it is safe to say this little girl is mobile now. She still does more of an army crawl, but she can definitely get herself where she wants to go. And what does she want to crawl towards you may ask? 

1.) River and whatever she is chewing on

2.) Anything and everything I don’t want her crawling towards. Including, but not limited to: cords, sharp edges of furniture, heaters, toilets, and trash cans.

Whew, I’m already worn out and I know it is just going to keep getting worse!


Still no teeth have cut, but they are very very close and she’s not always too pleased about it. She is still eating baby cereal or homemade baby food. She has tried carrots, zucchini, green beans, and avocados this month. 


We celebrated Easter this month and she loved seeing all her family and everyone at church. She loves everyone and can often be found “flirting” with people at WalMart or wherever we happen to go. Her daddy isn’t too pleased about this flirtatious nature, but I think she gets it from him.


I’m starting to see more of her determined spirit the more mobile she gets. She particularly loves to “chase” River around the house and try to steal her bone. This will go on until River finally just gives up and leaves the bone and I have to intervene before Leah puts it in her mouth–yuck.


All in all she is still just such a wonderful joy to our lives and I’m enjoying being her momma.


7 Baby Products for the First 7 months

Off the top of my head I can think of 5 friends who are pregnant. Then there are several more with babies younger than Leah and more who I know will be having babies in the near future. I know when I was pregnant and even before it was fun to read recommendations of products by real live moms. So I thought it would be fun to list some of my favorite baby gear so far. I provided links from different websites, but honestly everything here can be bought at WalMart (aka the only place to get things in this town)


1. Baby Swing


I’m probably the worst mom ever by admitting this, but Leah slept in her swing most of the time during her first few months of life. It isn’t really recommended, but it was the best way to soothe her to sleep during the first few weeks particularly. We would usually turn off the swinging motion as soon as she was sound asleep. It was also great for just letting her relax in while she was teeny tiny. The one I have linked is the one we have, but there are many different options. The only thing I didn’t like about ours is that it takes up quite a bit of space and there isn’t a way to fold it up.


2. Rock N Play


Unlike the swing, the Rock n Play is safe for sleep. But it sits up at the same angle of the swing and cushions around their little bodies so that they are positioned similar to the way they are in the womb. It can rock, but only manually and won’t keep rocking when you stop pushing it. It is easy to fold up and perfect for trips.


3. Kick N Play


This is a play mat where the baby can lay and look and play with the toys that dangle down and can kick the piano. The toys can also be moved so that tummy time can be a little more entertaining. Once baby grows out of playing on play mats the piano part can be turned so that they can play with it while sitting up. So it is a toy that lasts for quite a long time.


4. Bouncy Seat


This is one that only lasts for the first few months, but is nice since it is portable and can easily be moved room to room. I found it particularly helpful when taking showers. I could just put the bouncy sea in the bathroom and she could bounce and play and she would be close and she could hear my voice if she got upset. 


5. Jumper


The youngest age for this is 4 months and I’m not sure when they grow out of it, but Leah is still playing with it every day at almost 8 months. Their are many different kinds, but I love this one. There are several different activities on it so she will stay entertained and stays in one place while I get things done around the house for a bit. This particularly nice now that she is semi-mobile.


6. Zipper Pjs


In theory the button pajamas seem like a good idea since you would think that you could quickly unbutton just the bottom buttons while you change diapers, but every time it seems like she wiggles and all the buttons come undone. I also found them particularly hard to button back up. So I find it much simpler to buy the kind with the zipper. They have them in fleece for the winter and cotton for the summer.


7. Orajel Teether


Even though it says orajel on it, there is no medicine in it. It is just a soft plastic ring and doesn’t seem like anything special, but Leah LOVES it. It is easy for her to hold on to and the soft plastic is her favorite to chew on. They also make different stages for different teeth that they may be cutting. (I bought mine at Walmart, and it is actually missing at the moment so I am going there tomorrow to buy another)

I hope you liked the list. What do you have to add fellow mommies?

Seven Months


Getting decent pictures this month was so difficult. This little girl is on the move. She isn’t quite crawling yet, but she is constantly rolling and scooting and will get herself all around by doing this. She is into everything now. I’m already dreading the full out mobile stage. I’m sure I’m going to be so exhausted!


This month she tried bananas, sweet potatoes, peas, and pears. I think sweet potatoes were her favorite, but she seems to really like anything if she’s in the right mood. Sometimes she’d much rather look around and try to grab anything in her reach than eat.


She can sit on her own for a little while before falling over. Her favorite letter of the moment is “D” She says “Dadada” which of course her dad loves, but I’m not sure she knows what it means yet. She can’t clap with her hands yet, but can clap her feet together which is hilarious and cute. She also makes the cutest silliest pouty face. Her personality is really shining through this month. And it is a goofy personality.


She has gotten pretty good at entertaining herself. I typically put a big blanket down on the floor and a bunch of toys and she plays and talks and rolls. I have even gotten comments when we out shopping about how good she is at entertaining herself. And speaking of shopping, we were out once this month and she gave one of her big cheesy grins to a lady who said hi to her and the lady just gushed and said Leah had made her day. She generally is very happy and can bring anyone out of their bad mood.


I love her.



Half a year


My baby is half a year old. Half a year. I can’t even believe that is real. Every mom everywhere talks about how fast it goes, and it does.


I have never been as much of a baby person. I am a kid person, but not a baby person. I was always scared of hurting them and hated that they couldn’t communicate their needs. But this little baby has won me over. All moms say this I am sure, but she is really the best baby. She laughs and smiles all the time. She is almost always in a good mood and she is just so much fun to be around. I probably say “You are so GOOD” 20 times a day.


No teeth have cut through yet, but she is definitely working on them. Some days she is fussier about it than others, but she generally doesn’t fuss much. Her new nickname from me is rolling pin because she can roll both ways with such ease now and does it all the time. She can sometimes get up on her hands and knees but isn’t quite crawling yet. She can also sit for short about of times unsupported. She is loving her toys more and more and can entertain herself for a much longer period of time now.


She jabbers all the time too. Her favorite sound of the moment is “Bl bl bl” She also makes a gasping noise that kind of scared us at first, but she just loves the sound of it along with grunting and screaming.


To celebrate her 1/2 birthday we gave her her first taste of food. We made our own food with banana and water. She wasnt too sure about it, but she did keep some of it down at least.


In these past 6 months she has stolen my heart as well the hearts of her dad, grandparents, aunt, uncles, and basically anyone who meets her. I thank God for her every day for who she is and who she will become in the coming months and years.

Ode to Worried Mothers

This is a poem I wrote in my mind when I was sick with a fever a couple months ago. Forgive me if it isn’t perfect, but I hope you enjoy the sentiment. Here goes:


We worry when they’re fast asleep

And when they are awake

We worry about the words we say

And every move they make


We worry when they’re in our arms

And always when they’re not

If you ask how much we worry

We’ll tell you: it’s a lot


Somewhere out there is a mother

Worried for her unborn son

And another mother worried

For her daughter, who’s fifty-one


So worried mothers everywhere

This poem is for you

From one mom to another

To say you’re great at what you do!


So take some time and hold them close

And give thanks to God above

Knowing that the best thing you could ever do

Is love them with His love