Alex–7-8 month update

Alex Jane is 8 months old which means it’s time for an update!

Little Miss is changing so quickly and I love seeing her personality emerge. She’s almost always happy. Sometimes she’s just content and quiet and other times she’s bouncy and LOUD with shrieks and squeals and babbles. It’s so fun making her giggle and seeing her sweet personality make others smile. 

She has just two little teeth so far. No signs of any more yet. She’s sitting up on her own now and even sits in the seat of the shopping cart at the store instead of in her car seat. It’s weird and wonderful that that stage of lugging the car seat everywhere is over already. 

She’s just started scooting in these last few days. She still doesn’t go too far yet. Her big sister brings her toys a lot so she’s not motivated to go anywhere very often. Her version of crawling reminds me of an inch worm. She gets up on her knees and then sort of propels herself forward. It’s pretty adorable. 

She still likes food. We are slowly starting to introduce finger foods with varying degrees of success. She loved sadza and she also liked when we let her gnaw on a pickle. She didn’t even make a “sour” face. She just dug right in. That explains the craving for fried pickles while I was pregnant with her! Her daddy also likes sharing his ice cream sandwiches with her as you can see by the chocolatey face. She has no complaints. 

I love seeing her relationship with her big sister grow. I hate comparing the two but I think it’s only natural. As far as I can tell so far Alex is a little more easy going and less determined (see: stubborn) than Leah. Leah just wanted to go go go at this age and Alex takes things a little slower and likes to analyze things. I love that I could tell that before they were even born by the way they kicked and rolled. 

In 4 more months and this girly will be ONE. I am excited to see what’s to come until then!