This Week…

Alex started rolling over back to tummy and scooting around a little

Leah and I went for a walk in our matching shoes:

Alex ate a lot of bananas (and LOVED them)

Leah did lots of projects

It snowed!

We played beauty shop 

Not pictured: Nathan and I actually went out to a movie for the first time since Alex was born. Thanks mom and dad 😉

It was a good and exhausting week


Week Recap

Not too much happened this week to speak of. Leah was so fascinated by the Christmas story that I decided to start doing more Bible stories with her. This week we did creation and Noah’s Ark. we read a story from her kids Bible and then we do a little activity. She seems to really like it and I love seeing her learn. 

We were going to wait until she was 6 months but on a whim we decided to feed Alex her first bite of food. Nathan mixed up water and banana in the Baby Bullet and gave her a few bites on New Years Eve. 

She wasn’t too sure about it but I’m pretty sure she did better than her sister did with her first bites. 

Speaking of sister, here they both are having their first bites:

I was going to write a whole post about the New Year and reflecting on 2016. But all I have to say is that 2016 was rough. It brought us Alex and for that we can be forever thankful. All in all though I’m glad it is over and excited to see what this year brings.