Alex–4 month update

Ms Alex Jane turned 4 months old on the 22nd. She’s continuing to melt our hearts with her sweet, calm nature. 

Even though she’s normally a pretty even-tempered girl she’s recently found her voice. She screeches, squeals, and giggles more often now. 

She rolls now from tummy to back, but only when she feels like it. What she really wants to do is sit up so she can see the world. She’s working on those little muscles but she’s not there yet. 

She’s definitely growing more and more hair. It’s still hard to tell what color it is. In some lights it looks blonde and other lights it looks brown. I guess we will be able to tell more once it grows in a little more. Her eyes are getting lighter blue as well. 

Her favorite person is still her sister but she likes the rest of us okay too ;). But we sure love her!


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