9 Month Update



This was quite a remarkable month for Ms Leah. Lots of fun changes are going on right now. First of all, she is no longer toothless. She has her front bottom teeth in and there is one on the font top that is also poking through a bit. I am amazed and how quickly her teeth have grown already. You can see them occasionally when she smiles, but I don’t have any photographic evidence quite yet.


As you can see from her photos she also got her first haircut this month. She did such a great job and just grinned the whole time. That is another thing, she smiles at everyone everywhere we go. We make friends no matter where we go because she is so friendly and smiley with people.


She started giving out sweet sloppy kisses this month as well. She will give them to you when you ask if she is in the right mood. She also just learned to wave. She will sometimes wave back to you, but she also enjoys waving to River as well as inanimate objects.


She also learned how to sit back up on her own this month. She could sit up once I put her there, but now she will crawl around and be able to get back to sitting on her own. She also has begun to pull up on things. She isn’t quite to the “cruising” stage, but I have a feeling she will be by next month.  I just started her on puffs this month and she has quickly learned how to grab them the right way to get them in her mouth. But that doesn’t stop her from dropping them and playing with them and of course sharing them with River.


She is still such a goofball and has been squealing and giggling and making faces almost constantly lately. I can’t believe we only have 3 official months of babyhood left with this one. I welcome each stage but it is always a little bittersweet seeing her grow up so so fast. Can’t she just stay little forever?


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