7 Baby Products for the First 7 months

Off the top of my head I can think of 5 friends who are pregnant. Then there are several more with babies younger than Leah and more who I know will be having babies in the near future. I know when I was pregnant and even before it was fun to read recommendations of products by real live moms. So I thought it would be fun to list some of my favorite baby gear so far. I provided links from different websites, but honestly everything here can be bought at WalMart (aka the only place to get things in this town)


1. Baby Swing


I’m probably the worst mom ever by admitting this, but Leah slept in her swing most of the time during her first few months of life. It isn’t really recommended, but it was the best way to soothe her to sleep during the first few weeks particularly. We would usually turn off the swinging motion as soon as she was sound asleep. It was also great for just letting her relax in while she was teeny tiny. The one I have linked is the one we have, but there are many different options. The only thing I didn’t like about ours is that it takes up quite a bit of space and there isn’t a way to fold it up.


2. Rock N Play


Unlike the swing, the Rock n Play is safe for sleep. But it sits up at the same angle of the swing and cushions around their little bodies so that they are positioned similar to the way they are in the womb. It can rock, but only manually and won’t keep rocking when you stop pushing it. It is easy to fold up and perfect for trips.


3. Kick N Play


This is a play mat where the baby can lay and look and play with the toys that dangle down and can kick the piano. The toys can also be moved so that tummy time can be a little more entertaining. Once baby grows out of playing on play mats the piano part can be turned so that they can play with it while sitting up. So it is a toy that lasts for quite a long time.


4. Bouncy Seat


This is one that only lasts for the first few months, but is nice since it is portable and can easily be moved room to room. I found it particularly helpful when taking showers. I could just put the bouncy sea in the bathroom and she could bounce and play and she would be close and she could hear my voice if she got upset. 


5. Jumper


The youngest age for this is 4 months and I’m not sure when they grow out of it, but Leah is still playing with it every day at almost 8 months. Their are many different kinds, but I love this one. There are several different activities on it so she will stay entertained and stays in one place while I get things done around the house for a bit. This particularly nice now that she is semi-mobile.


6. Zipper Pjs


In theory the button pajamas seem like a good idea since you would think that you could quickly unbutton just the bottom buttons while you change diapers, but every time it seems like she wiggles and all the buttons come undone. I also found them particularly hard to button back up. So I find it much simpler to buy the kind with the zipper. They have them in fleece for the winter and cotton for the summer.


7. Orajel Teether


Even though it says orajel on it, there is no medicine in it. It is just a soft plastic ring and doesn’t seem like anything special, but Leah LOVES it. It is easy for her to hold on to and the soft plastic is her favorite to chew on. They also make different stages for different teeth that they may be cutting. (I bought mine at Walmart, and it is actually missing at the moment so I am going there tomorrow to buy another)

I hope you liked the list. What do you have to add fellow mommies?


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