Seven Months


Getting decent pictures this month was so difficult. This little girl is on the move. She isn’t quite crawling yet, but she is constantly rolling and scooting and will get herself all around by doing this. She is into everything now. I’m already dreading the full out mobile stage. I’m sure I’m going to be so exhausted!


This month she tried bananas, sweet potatoes, peas, and pears. I think sweet potatoes were her favorite, but she seems to really like anything if she’s in the right mood. Sometimes she’d much rather look around and try to grab anything in her reach than eat.


She can sit on her own for a little while before falling over. Her favorite letter of the moment is “D” She says “Dadada” which of course her dad loves, but I’m not sure she knows what it means yet. She can’t clap with her hands yet, but can clap her feet together which is hilarious and cute. She also makes the cutest silliest pouty face. Her personality is really shining through this month. And it is a goofy personality.


She has gotten pretty good at entertaining herself. I typically put a big blanket down on the floor and a bunch of toys and she plays and talks and rolls. I have even gotten comments when we out shopping about how good she is at entertaining herself. And speaking of shopping, we were out once this month and she gave one of her big cheesy grins to a lady who said hi to her and the lady just gushed and said Leah had made her day. She generally is very happy and can bring anyone out of their bad mood.


I love her.




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