Alex–7-8 month update

Alex Jane is 8 months old which means it’s time for an update!

Little Miss is changing so quickly and I love seeing her personality emerge. She’s almost always happy. Sometimes she’s just content and quiet and other times she’s bouncy and LOUD with shrieks and squeals and babbles. It’s so fun making her giggle and seeing her sweet personality make others smile. 

She has just two little teeth so far. No signs of any more yet. She’s sitting up on her own now and even sits in the seat of the shopping cart at the store instead of in her car seat. It’s weird and wonderful that that stage of lugging the car seat everywhere is over already. 

She’s just started scooting in these last few days. She still doesn’t go too far yet. Her big sister brings her toys a lot so she’s not motivated to go anywhere very often. Her version of crawling reminds me of an inch worm. She gets up on her knees and then sort of propels herself forward. It’s pretty adorable. 

She still likes food. We are slowly starting to introduce finger foods with varying degrees of success. She loved sadza and she also liked when we let her gnaw on a pickle. She didn’t even make a “sour” face. She just dug right in. That explains the craving for fried pickles while I was pregnant with her! Her daddy also likes sharing his ice cream sandwiches with her as you can see by the chocolatey face. She has no complaints. 

I love seeing her relationship with her big sister grow. I hate comparing the two but I think it’s only natural. As far as I can tell so far Alex is a little more easy going and less determined (see: stubborn) than Leah. Leah just wanted to go go go at this age and Alex takes things a little slower and likes to analyze things. I love that I could tell that before they were even born by the way they kicked and rolled. 

In 4 more months and this girly will be ONE. I am excited to see what’s to come until then!


Leah–3.5 update

So much changes in 6 months at this age I thought it would be fun to do a little half birthday update. 

She’s grown up so much in the last 6 months. She gets dressed all by herself. She picks out all her own outfits and loves to wear dresses. 

She’s slowly getting to a place where she’s throwing less tantrums and listening much better than she used to. She is still busy as ever but her attention span has gotten a lot longer recently. She does still get restless and loves to get out of the house as much as possible. 

She is mostly a great big sister. She always remembers to get Alex a toy when we leave the house and loves talking to her and trying to make her giggle. But she sometimes just can not resist the urge to squeeze her or lay on top of her. I can’t wait til they can really play together. 

As evident by these photos she loves playing dress up. She also likes to sing and dance and is a pretty great singer for a 3 year old. She also loves throwing tea parties for her dolls and stuffed animals. 

She loves holidays and gets so excited about every little thing. She has so much enthusiasm it is contagious. People everywhere we go comment on how cute and funny she is. I love that she can make anyone smile. 

She is finally old enough to enjoy doing projects. She gets so proud of herself. We hang them up on the wall and admire them. 

I thought I’d end off with a few little questions I asked her just for fun

Favorite color: blue

Favorite animal: a horse

Favorite food: peanut butter bread

Favorite place to go: WalMart

Favorite thing to do: Play with stuffed animal

Best Friend: Alex (awh!)

If she could have a superpower: Zooming!

I am so glad this sweet, sassy, silly girl is ours forever. 

Alex 5-6 month update

Poor second child. Mama has no time for monthly updates. And taking photos with my real camera has already gotten hard and too time consuming with her crazy older sister running around. 

This girl has already come so far since her 4 month update. She’s rolling both ways with ease now. She can sit independently for only a second or two before falling. She is scooting a little but mostly goes backwards(and gets trapped under furniture) Already gone are the days of laying her on a blanket and her being in the same spot for more than a few seconds. 

We started feeding her solids at 5.5 months and she loooooves them. We are making homemade purees for now. She has already had: bananas, sweet potato, peas, green beans, apples, carrots, and avacado. She has also had oatmeal and I even put some peanut butter in her morning oatmeal a couple times. She loves it. 

She is still not consistently sleeping through the night. Some nights are worse than others but she usually only wakes up once for a bottle and goes back to sleep. She’s a pretty good napper though. She usually takes 2 two hour naps and then sometimes one shorter nap before dinner. 

I call her my sensitive soul. She doesn’t like loud sounds very much and can get overwhelmed easily. She’s already had two incidents where she cried the whole time in child care situations. She definitely prefers mama if she’s hurt or overwhelmed. She likes her dad and grandparents but she calms down much easier for me. 

Day to day though she is a happy, easy going girl. She loves her toys and already plays independently pretty well. I love seeing her figure out the world around her.  I’m bracing myself for how quickly things change in this 6-12 month stage, but I’m excited to see who she will become in the coming months and years. 

One photo with Sister because just look at these two… I’m in trouble!

This Week…

Alex started rolling over back to tummy and scooting around a little

Leah and I went for a walk in our matching shoes:

Alex ate a lot of bananas (and LOVED them)

Leah did lots of projects

It snowed!

We played beauty shop 

Not pictured: Nathan and I actually went out to a movie for the first time since Alex was born. Thanks mom and dad 😉

It was a good and exhausting week

Week Recap

Not too much happened this week to speak of. Leah was so fascinated by the Christmas story that I decided to start doing more Bible stories with her. This week we did creation and Noah’s Ark. we read a story from her kids Bible and then we do a little activity. She seems to really like it and I love seeing her learn. 

We were going to wait until she was 6 months but on a whim we decided to feed Alex her first bite of food. Nathan mixed up water and banana in the Baby Bullet and gave her a few bites on New Years Eve. 

She wasn’t too sure about it but I’m pretty sure she did better than her sister did with her first bites. 

Speaking of sister, here they both are having their first bites:

I was going to write a whole post about the New Year and reflecting on 2016. But all I have to say is that 2016 was rough. It brought us Alex and for that we can be forever thankful. All in all though I’m glad it is over and excited to see what this year brings. 

For now they need me

Over Thanksgiving we spent time with some cousins from out of state that  we hardly ever get to see. Leah immediately latched on to her 11 year old (second) cousin and spent the whole day running around with her. Towards the end of the day I wanted to spend a little time with my girl so I took her outside to go for a walk. She fussed and fought and then finally said the words “I don’t want to be with you. I want to be with my cousin” and went running back into the house.

The look on her little 3 year year old face broke my heart. I could suddenly see her 10 years in the future a teenager and rebelling against the rules. Then a few more years I saw her driving and spending all her time with friends and (as much as I hate thinking of it) boys and then a few more years down the road 18 and leaving the house. It all flashed in front of my eyes so quickly. I’m a little ashamed to admit I cried most of the way home that night. And I’m tearing up now writing this. 

These early years of parenting are tough. I spend nearly every hour of the day being needed by someone. There’s rarely a time I can go to the bathroom, cook a meal, or even drink a cup of coffee without a kid underfoot. Being a natural introvert, it’s incredibly hard for me to rarely get a  moment alone. 

But for now they need me. 

They need me to help them get dressed. To cook them meals. To teach them how to talk. To hold them when they cry. To drive them to the park. To sit and listen to their stories. Soon they won’t need me. 

And that’s the weird juxtaposition of parenting. You want to be needed while molding kids who one day won’t need you. Holding on knowing one day you’ll have to let go. But that day is not today. For now they need me. And that’s okay with me. 

Alex–4 month update

Ms Alex Jane turned 4 months old on the 22nd. She’s continuing to melt our hearts with her sweet, calm nature. 

Even though she’s normally a pretty even-tempered girl she’s recently found her voice. She screeches, squeals, and giggles more often now. 

She rolls now from tummy to back, but only when she feels like it. What she really wants to do is sit up so she can see the world. She’s working on those little muscles but she’s not there yet. 

She’s definitely growing more and more hair. It’s still hard to tell what color it is. In some lights it looks blonde and other lights it looks brown. I guess we will be able to tell more once it grows in a little more. Her eyes are getting lighter blue as well. 

Her favorite person is still her sister but she likes the rest of us okay too ;). But we sure love her!

Sisterly Love

It was around this time last year when I got pregnant with Alex. For a child who was only 2 years and a few month old, Leah seemed to understand. As my belly grew so did her infatuation with her new sibling. When we found out the baby was a girl and decided on her name I remember everything she did  was “for baby Alex” She played baby Alex music on her xylophone, sang her songs, and hugged my belly. Everywhere we went she would point to my belly and say “That’s my baby sister!”

It was most definitely love at first sight when Alex was born. She always wanted to be around her. She never showed much resentment or jealousy. For the first few weeks after she was born Leah would exclaim “She was in your tummy, but she now she come out!!!”

And the love is mutual. As soon as Alex could track things with her eyes she would watch her sister. I am already predicting that as soon as Alex can move she will be getting into whatever her sister is doing.

I’m sure there will be fights. There will be  times their love for each other isn’t so vocal. And don’t even make me think about having 2 teenage girls. But my prayer for them is that they’ll always love each other deep down. That they’ll take care of each other.  That they will be there for each other in ways I can’t be.

Their dad and I can’t always give them every material gift that we wish we could, but we gave them each other. I hope they never take that for granted.

Why I’m tired

Sleep and I have a love hate relationship. I love it and it elusively escapes me like it’s playing hard to get. I think it is physically impossible for me to sleep through a whole night anymore. I literally can’t remember the last time it happened. 

Here are the things that wake me up on a regular if not nightly basis:

Alex– Obviously my 3 month old wakes me up. That’s par for the course with a baby. But let’s not talk about how she for whatever reason went from only waking up once a night to now waking up three times a night to eat. She’s also still in our room so I wake up from every teeny little sound she makes. If you’ve every slept next to a grunting, snorting, thrashing baby you know what I’m talking about. It’s like trying to sleep in the same room with a barnyard animal. 

(Her Mom-did-you-just-compare-me-to-a-barnyard-animal face)

My husband– If you know Nathan, you know he’s a night owl. I go to bed at 10 (and okay sometimes 9) So him getting into bed at some ungodly hour wakes me up every time and then I have to get up because..

My bladder– It was tiny before I had kids but now after having 2 babies I swear it’s the size of a pea and always full of pee. I can’t sleep with any amount of urine in my bladder. None. I’m not exaggerating when I say I get up to pee 5 times in an 8 hour period. It’s ridiculous. 

My stomach– I’ve been working hard trying to lose the baby weight which means eating less calories which means of course when Alex wakes me up with her grunting I wake up ravenous. I could pretend I go to the kitchen and get a handful of almonds or something healthy but if I’m being truthful I’m usually shoving goldfish or a mini cupcake or something equally nutritious in my mouth before climbing back into bed. 

Nightmares– The night before last I finally was getting a somewhat decent nights sleep when I woke up in a cold sweat from a terrifying nightmare (I’ll spare you the details because it was THAT bad). I guess that’s what I get for watching countless hours of true crime TV shows, but it seemed like a cruel joke when I woke up because of something completely imaginary which brings us to the worst offender…

My brain– Case and point? I’m writing this stupid blog post when everyone else in my house is sleeping because my brain WILL NOT SHUT UP. Where were you during the day, Brain, when I needed you to remember where I put something or the password to an old email? Oh yeah you were sleeping because you stayed up all night thinking: Is the cheese in the fridge bad? Or can cheese even go bad? I should look that up. I also need to look up a good recipe I can put in the crock pot  *Alex snorts* I wonder if her breathing is okay? Does she have asthma or something? Should she be rolling over by now? At what age did Leah start rolling? It was around this time. Does that mean I need to stop swaddling her? I need to look that up…

That my friends is why I am/look tired. So please for the love of everything if you have had a full nights sleep in the last three years please don’t utter the phrase “I’m tired” in front of me. I may explode. 

Now to go find some coffee…

Alex–3 month update

Alex Jane turned 3 months on the 22nd. 

Photos were harder to take this month because this girl was talking and moving the whole time. She is slowly finding that little voice of hers and squealing and babbling. 

She has just started batting at her toys. She loves her play mat and plays contently for a long time for a little one. 

She LOVES to watch her sister play. I know she’s going to be following her sister around everywhere as soon as she’s mobile.  

She went through a little sleep regressions and is waking up 2-3 times at night instead of just once. It’s a good thing she’s super cute. 😉 

We love her.